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What do you bring? The Safari suitcase

We often have doubts before leaving for the safari, for example, which bag to use and what to put in it … with this article I will try to give some guidance and advice in this regard.

First of all it is advisable to have two bags: a small backpack to always keep with you and a duffel bag or suitcase with our actual luggage.

The backpack will be used to carry with us every day camera, sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat for the sun, or otherwise.

In the bag or suitcase we put clothes, shoes, personal care products and so on. Usually a soft bag is more practical, but also a hard case can fit.

Another advice I give is to divide the luggage in transparent plastic bags (zip lock or similar, common plastic bags are now banned in Tanzania), that way it will be easier to keep tidy the luggage and find the things you need. It ‘also good to have a towel or a plastic bag to cover your luggage, to protect it from dust and any unexpected showers (especially if the luggage is loaded on the roof of the jeep).

In some cases it is convenient to leave the luggage to take it back to Arusha after climbing or after the safari. For example, you can leave what you need for the beach in Arusha and resume it at the end of safari or scalata.Possiamo keep your luggage until your return.