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Ndutu wildebeest calving season Tanzania Southern Serengeti and the ndutu area play host to thousand of wildebeest that gather for wildebeest calving season which takes place between February and March where close to 8000 wildebeest cows give birth within 3weeks in the presence of predators that are targeting the newborn wildebeest calves this trip takes you to one of the highlights of greatest animal movement

The wildebeest start arriving in the larger  ndutu area in November And as the rains kick in till March before Heading to the western Corridor as  they advance to Grummet river crossing between May and june before advancing to mara river which is one of the dramatic wildlife scenesin the animal kingdom

Ndutu forms part of north western ngorongoro crater and southern Serengeti covering an area of about 7000 km and its one top trails during the   wildebeest migration across Tanzania  Serengeti Nation Park, lake ndutu and lake Masek Plays Host Both resident  and Migrating herds making it a top Safari in Tanzania