Canoe safaris can be included as part of your overall Tanzania safari whether you are travelling through North or South Tanzania.  We offer canoeing safari inside lake Manyara National Park on the alkaline lake, where you have a chance to see the hippos from close and the pink flamingos

Learn to control and maneuver the traditional Mitumbwi (Dugout Canoe) and enjoy fishing by local methods. You can even go on a canoe safari on Little Momella Lake in Arusha National Park, overlooked by the majestic peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

A canoe safari gives you a unique perspective on African life, wildlife and landscape – the view from the water is often breath-taking as you surprise mammals drinking, catch owls sleeping during the day, banter with local fishermen and slip quietly past pods of hippos grunting and snorting in the water by your canoe. We design Canoe Safaris to suit your interest and budget. Please Contact us for more information on going on a canoe safari.


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